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التعاون البلقاني [Balkan Pact]



Perception of the Balkan Politics in the Arab Countries


An Arab pamphlet on the pact between Yugoslavia, Greece in Turkey,signed in 1953 to prevent the expansion of the Soviet influence to the Balkans


Small 4°. 49 pp., folding map, original wrappers with illustrated cover (minor tears in wrappers, otherwise a good example)


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The Balkan Pact was signed on February 28th, 1953, between Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey. It allowed strategically important Yugoslavia to form an alliance with two other large neighbouring states and NATO members, blocking the expansion of the Soviet Union to the east Mediterranean basement. After the Tito-Stalin split of 1948 then communist Yugoslavia broke all the contacts with the Soviets.

In 1954 Tito paid a highly advertised visit to Turkey, arriving on his luxury yacht Galeb (Seagull), which he used for political journeys and legendary political meeting throughout his life and which reached an iconic status among diverse nations and members of the Non-Aligned Movement. This pamphlet was publushed for the occasion of Tito’s visit to Turkey.

The Arab countries closely monitored the movement of Tito’s Yugoslavia and most of them would later joint the Non-Aligned Movement, founded in 1956 in Tito’s villa on the Brijuni Islands in today’s Croatia.

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