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عمومه ممالك عثمانيه [General Ottoman Empire]



Map of the Ottoman Empire with the Arabian Peninsula in the middle. Marked are the most important cities and the Hejaz Railway.


Colour lithography, 26 x 38 cm (10.2 x 14.9 inches), (soft fold in the middle slightly stained with tiny repaired holes and tears).

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A rare detailed colour map was published on the eve of WWI in Haritalı Musavver Memalik-I Osmaniye Co‎ǧrafyası (حاريطه لى مصور ممالك عثمانيه جغرافياسى ), a geography book for second and third grades of provincial schools.

The book was published in 1328 (1912) and a year later in a reduced version. The author İbn ün-Nüzhet Cevad believed, that the Turks were of Mongolian origins and they only adopted lighter skin by mixing with other nations.

The style of the maps is close to map makers Osman Safvet and

References: Osmanlı coğrafya literatürü tarihi. History of geographical literature during the Ottoman period, 2000, pp. 470-471.

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