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ALEXANDRIA, Egypt. Alexandrie, gesticht van Alexander den grooten gelegen aen den Nyl, alwaer die en de Middellandsche zee loopt. Alexandria, Alexandri Magni opus ad Nilum flumen qua mare mediterraneum subit.



Decorative view shows Alexandria in Egypt.  The plate was issued in a series of decorative views of cities by a Peter Schenk the Elder in Amsterdam around 1700.

Petrus Schenck (Peter Schenk, 1660 – 1711) was a German engraver and cartographer active in Amsterdam and Leipzig. He was born in Elberfeld, Germany and moved to Amsterdam in 1675, where he became a student of Gerard Valck specializing in mezzotint. In 1687 he married Valck’s sister Agatha Valck. Until 1700 Schenk  lived in the Jordaan, when he moved to Dam Square and then to Leipzig, where he died in 1711.

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