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ALPHABET BOOK: Буквар за неписмене [Bukvar za nepismene / Alphabet Book for Illiterate].



A scarce alphabet book for illiterate adults from Southern parts of Yugoslavia, published a year after the liberation.



This rare alphabet book, printed a year after the end of WW II in Yugoslavia, was printed for education of illiterate adults. In the 1940s a large number of population in the South Yugoslavia was still illiterate. As the country was encouraging the growth of its industry, under the new Communist government of Tito, it organised free education as a part of this program.

The alphabet book was printed in Zagreb, but written in Cyrillic letters, used in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia, where the percentage of illiterate adults was the largest.

The exercises include contemporary subjects, such as partisan songs, Tito’s speeches, and text on the importance of the education of adults.


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