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ANIMAL RIGHTS / OTTOMAN EMPIRE: حيوانات ايله حسن معامله حقبده. اون اكي درس [Hayvanât ile Hüsn-i Muamele Hakkında On İki Ders]


Twelve Lessons on the Friendly Treatments of Animals


8°, 63 pp., original blue wrappers with illustrated cover (paper slightly waved, wrappers with hardly noticeably foxing and old-hand-written number on the top, but otherwise in a good, clean condition).

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A rare Ottoman pamphlet with explanations on animal rights, including regulations, questions and answers, and short passages on various species of animals

The translation from an unknown source was made by Abdullah Cevdet (1869-1932), an Ottoman medical doctor of Kurdish background, who translated and wrote several groundbreaking works in the early 19th century. He was known for his progressive thoughts on the women’s liberation and modernization of the Islamic religion, for which he was tried on several occasion.

Cevdet was mostly known for his translation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in 1908 and Macbeth a year later.

In the same year the work was also published in Armenian language under the title Տասներկու դասեր կենդանիներու քաղցրութիւն ցուցնելու վրայ [Tasnerku daser kendanineru kʻaghtsʻrutʻiwn tsʻutsʻnelu vray] (please see our catalogue September 2021, no. 31). Another Ottoman version was issued in the same year by Tanin Matbaası

References: ÖZEGE 7161; Sevda Ayluçtarhan, Dr. Abdullah Cevdet’s Translations (1908-1910): The Making of a Westernist and

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