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ANTI-COMMUNIST CHILDREN’S BOOK & JOZE PLECNIK SCHOOL: Prigode malega murencka. [Adventures of a Little Cricket]



An attractive children’s book was printed during WWII in German occupied Ljubljana, Slovenia, and bears a strong anti Communist propaganda.

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An attractive rare children’s book printed during WWII in the German occupied Ljubljana, tells a story about a young ladybug princes, being abducted by an army of Red Ants and saved by a chivalrous cricket. The book was written in Ljubljana during WWII, when the city was under German rule, just months before liberation. At the time many citizens of Ljubljana were not thrilled by approaching allies and the Red Army, believing they are a part of a Bolshevik World Conspiracy.

The book was designed and illustrated by an architect, graphic designer and dancer Marija Vogelnik (1914-2008), who studied architecture under Jože Plečnik, and painting and graphic design in Belgrade. She was a famous designer and illustrator of children’s books during and after WWII.

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