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ARCHAEOLOGICAL MAP OF TURKEY: Archäologische Karte von Kleinasien.



An uncommon archaeological map of Turkey, with antique names marked in red, was published in the time of discovery of the remains of Troy. 

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This uncommon map shows the Asian part of Turkey with antique names of archaeological sites, printed in red, in contrast to the modern names printed in black. The in-set maps show new roads in the area and different levels of Troy.

The archaeological site of Troy was in the time of the publication of the map one of the most important new archaeological sites. The first discoveries and excavations were made by Heinrich Schliemann in 1871–73 and 1878–79, and by Wilhelm Dörpfeld between 1893 and 1894.

The map was accompanied with an eight pages index, listing the names of archaeological sites in different languages and their position on the map. 

The author Walter Ruge (1865-1943) was a German geographer, teacher and historian, who published numerous scientific works on the topic of archeology in the Middle East. 

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