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ARMENIAN HISTORY: Les Massacres d’Arménie [The Massacres of Aremania]



8°, 96 pp., original wrappers with lettering (wrappers stained with tiny tears, inside in a good condition with minor staining to the margins).


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A report on the massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century was published in Saint-Petersburg and signed by a former Russian general consul in Van and Erzurum, in East Anatolia, Vladimir Teofilovich Mayevski (Mayewski). The text on the left-hand side is a photographic reproduction of the typed report in Cyrillic and on the right-hand side a printed French translation.

The text is controversial, as the reports on the Armenians by the alleged and today in documents elusive Russian vice consul Mayewsky appeared in the Ottoman Empire and Paris from the early 19th century on with various historical and statistical inaccuracies. It is possible, that the text was written as a political propaganda.

References: OCLC 175119164, 3423098, 250436455, 602083692, 894212217 (?). Scan of the book: Les massacres d’Arménie : d’après les constatations authentiques du général russe Mayewski, soigneusement transcrit de son rapport portant le titre de Statistique des provinces de Van et de Bitlis : Maevski, Vladimir Feofilovich : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive.

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