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ART DECO BINDING: Album slovenskih književnikov [Album of Slovenian Authors].



A book of  portraits of Slovenian male and female authors from 16th to early 20th centuries was privately bound in a highly decorative contemporary art deco binding.

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A unique, privately made Art Deco binding with a Slovenian title includes a book Album slovenskih književnikov (Album of Slovenian Authors) – an elaborately made book with over a hundred portraits of writers and poets. The book is especially valuable source for portraits of contemporary male and female authors of the early 20th century.

The portraits were collected by a bibliographer, professor and a director of the Slovenian National Library between 1927–1946, Janko Šlebinger.

References: Janez LOGAR, “Šlebinger, Janko”. Slovenski biografski leksikon. Slovenska biografija. Ljubljana: ZRC SAZU, 2013.

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