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AVIATION BROADSIDE: Les Accidents de L’Aerostat.


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The colourful broadside depicts nine most famous accidents in the ballooning since 1785, finishing with the accident in 1875. In that year three scientists, Gaston Tissandier, Joseph Croce-Spinelli and Théodore Sivel, ascended in their balloon Zenith up to 7.400 meters (24,000 feet), which caused Croce-Spinelli and Sivel to suffocate. Tissandier survived the ride, but was left partially deaf as the result of the disastrous expedition.

Paulin Didion was a lithographer in Metz, specialised for popular colourful broadsides. Born in 1831, he founded his own publishing house with thirty years. After his death the company was taken over by his partner. 

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