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BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG, Germany: Südliche Hälfte. Württemberg. Aus der Vogelschau. Gegen Süden gesehen.



Stunning bird’s eye view of Baden-Württemberg, made in the 1920s by a German map-maker, painter and pilot Josef Ruep.

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An amazig bird’s eye view from the 1920s shows Baden-Württemberg between Reutlingen, Ulm and Lake Constance (Bodensee). The map was made by a painter and map maker Josef Ruep, based in Munich, who as a passionate pilot specialised in maps, shown from bird’s perspective. His drafts were used for printed maps for tourists and hikers. Most of his maps cover the area of the Alps and Bavaria.

Ruep’s initial plan was to make detailed maps of German towns and landscapes in the tradition of Matthäus Merian from the 17th century, but he soon got into comercial map making. He also produced some paintings for the adds and magazine covers with airplanes.


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