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BERLIN: Deutsche Lufthansa. Berlin



Highly decorative 1950s Lufthansa map of East Berlin, made in a contemporary mid-century design, trying to show the capital of the German Democratic Republic as amusing, progressive and modern. 

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Attractive map shows East Berlin in 1958, as a modern attractive city. It embaces the area between Pankow, the Zoo in the east and the border with West Berlin in the south and west.


The text abround the map gives information on the German Traveling Agency in Berlin and a short history of the city. The back of the map lists following points of interest 1. Theaters, Cabarets, Circus – 2.  Restaurants – 2. Prices of airplane tickest to and from Berlin – 3. Hotels, Museums and collections –  4. Attractions  –  5. Bis sport centers. 


The map was printed as an advertisment for tourists in Berlin by the Deutsche Lufthansa (abbreviated DLH), an airline serving as the flag carrier of East Germany from 1955 to 1963. Under the pressure it was replaced by a state-owned charter airline Interflug founded in 1958.


By 1958, traveling from East to West Berlin became almost impossible. As up until 1952, the lines between East Germany and the western occupied zones could be easily crossed in most places, the inner German border officially closed in 1952. The border in Berlin still remained considerably more accessible then because it was administered by all four occupying powers. In 1955, the Soviets gave East Germany authority over civilian movement in Berlin, the new government restricted all travel to the West in 1956. One year later East Germany introduced a new passport law that reduced a large number of refugees leaving Eastern Germany. 



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