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This very rare children’s book in Slovenian language was inspired by a famous German book Max and Moritz (A Story of Seven Boyish Pranks), by Wilhelm Busch, first published in 1865. The book describes cruel pranks by two boys Little Blaius and Thomas (Blažek in Tomažek), which include trying to drown another boy, stealing, and scarning elderly people. The verses are accompanied by beautiful art neuveau illustrations, some of which are printed in chromolithography.

The book is not dated nor signed. According to later bibliography was the author of the verses Slovenian poet Cvetko Golar (1879-1965). The according to the bibliography Slovenska bibliografija za l. 1907-1912, the book was published in 1911. The publisher Schwentner, active in Ljubljana, was known for his high quality colour printing in art-neuveau style.


No other examples recored in the libraries worldwide.


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