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BOARD GAME: Eine Reise durch Deutschland.


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A board game was made as a pictorial map of Germany showing the agriculture and industry of the country.

The players start in Berlin, then they turn towards then south to Saxony, then they go to Prussia, across the north of Germany towards the west at the French border, towards Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria and at the end they turn up north again, where they finish at Goslar and Bückeberg

The map can be dated in 1933, because the text on the right already mentions the reopening of Parliament in the Garrison Church in Potsdam on March 21 1933, as well as the city Goslar as a future seat of Reichsnährstand (RNST), a government body set up in Nazi Germany to regulate food production. The organisation was founded there in September 1933. 

The board game was probably made as an educational game to teach children about the agriculture of the country. It does not include any political symbols. 

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