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BOŽIDAR JAKAC – Signed copy.



An early monograph on Slovenian artist Božidar Jakac in mint condition, from the artist’s library. Signed copy. 

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Small 4°, XXI pp. with illustrations within text, [41] with one full page colour image, and 80 b/w full-page images, printed from both sides, original linen with blind-stamped title, in original card slipcase (Very Good, mint condition, slipcase slightly scuffed on edges, Jakac’s autograph on p. 4)


This early monograph on one of the most famous Yugoslav artists of 20th century, was published in Ljubljana in 1932, when the artists was in his mid 30s. An extremely richly illustrated book for the time, shows his paintings, drawings, woodcuts, book illustrations and prints. The introduction was written by Dr. Karl (Karel) Dobida, a director of the National Gallery of Ljubljana.

By that time Jakac was one of the most talented and versatile artists of Yugoslavia, receiving his education in Prague and Bremen. Beside his landscape painting, book illustration and prints he was also known as one of most influential portrait painters of 20th century. His portrait of the Slovenian poet France Preseren, made in 1940, became one of the emblematic rafigurations of the national poet. During WWII he joined the underground Partisan movement, producing prints for clandestine printing shops. In that time he made a drawing of Tito, which became an iconic drawing of the Yugoslavian leader. In 1965 Jakac was named the honorary academician of Accademia dell’Arte del Disegno in Florence and in 1982 a full member of European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities in Paris.

This copy, preserved in a mint condition, belonged to Jakac himself and bears his signature on page 4.

Only three copies are known in institutions outside Slovenia.

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