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Broadside – Balkan Wars / WWI: وطن صادقلرينى ربمر منصور عزيز ايله مجموعى ١٣٢٨



An unusual visualization of the end of the Balkan Wars and the beginning of the World War I, representing the last stages of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, connecting rotating nationalistic thoughts in a flower-shaped pattern, centralized on the word “Homeland”

Colour print, 57 x 40 cm (22.4 x 15.7 inches) (minor staining, soft folds, verso proof state impression of a larger similar print).


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The unusual, highly decorative late Ottoman broadside, was made in 1914, as the end of the Balkan Wars, when the Ottoman Empire lost large parts of the Balkans in forms of new independent Slavic countries. This represented one of the last stages of the final collapse of the Empire and was a prelude in WWI, which started in the same year.
The loss of the Balkan territory not only caused frustrations in Istanbul, the capital, but also among the large percentage of Turkish / Ottoman inhabitants of these now officially Slavic territories.

The Balkan Wars resulted in formations of various nationalistic groups, most famous of which are possibly the Serbian radicals, whose member Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914, which started WWI.

The broadside was made by the Ottoman nationalists is composed of various texts and paroles, connected to the Balkan Wars and love for the home country. A large flower shaped circles, filled with colour text, embraces the Ottoman royal insignia in the upper part and joins all the paroles in the centerpiece titled with Vatan, Homeland.

The broadside is very rare and we could not find any other examples. Our broadside is printed on the back of a proof state for a larger version of it, repeating the same circles, showing, that is was probably made in an smaller printing shop, which had to save on material.

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