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BUCHAREST, ROMANIA: 28 images of the Ottoman Army in Bucharest.



A rare book in Ottoman Turkish includes photoreproductions with the locations of the Ottoman army in Bucharest in Romania, during the occupation of Romania’s capital by the Central powers between 1916-1918.

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Oblong 4°, [30] printed title page, printed text page and 28 printed full page photoreprodctions, original brown wrappers with printed title, originally bound with a string (Very Good, wrappers slightly scuffed and stained, first pages with very light foxing). 


This rare book, written in Ottoman Turkish script, was published in the time of the occupation of the Bucharest by the Central powers, and includes 28 full-page images, showcasing the images from the life of the Ottoman army in the city between 1916 and 1918. The photographs try to present the military life in Bucharest as elegant and well organised. 

The locations, which are titled in Ottoman Turkish and German, are:

1- The Turkish Military Government Building,

2- The house of the Turkish appointed Lieutenant General Osman Nizami Pasha (1856-1939),

3- The house of the Turkish Chief of Staff Tevfik Bey,

4- Turkish officer corpus in Bucharest,

5- A mosque in the Park-Carol in Bucharest (built in 1906),

6- The Turkish commander quarters in Bucharest,

7- Turkish garrison,

8- Turkish office for personal identification documents,

9- Turkish Commissariat,

10- Turkish garrison barracks,

11- Turkish Red Crescent Hospital,

12- Interior of the Red Crescent Hospital,

13- Turkish Labour Company,

14- Turkish police quarters,

15- Turkish Straggler Collecting Point,

16- Turkish Train station headquarters,

17- Turkish prisoners of war, 

18- Turkish train barracks,

19- Turkish 54th train,

22 – Turkish storage rooms and workshops,

23- Turkish military post,  

24- Turkish field package post,

25- Officer Casino,

26 – Club for Turkish Officers,

27 – Club and Cinema for Turkish Soldiers,

28 – Turkish cemetery.


The Ottoman army occupied the centre of Bukarest for a short period between December 1916, after the city was sieged by the Central powers (Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire) at the battle of Bucharest, until the end of WWII in 1918. 

This album was probably published to advertise life of the Ottoman soldiers in the newly occupied city. 

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