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BULGARIA, WWII propaganda flyer: Българино! За какво ще це биешъ ти? За тази България ли? Или за тази? ... Размисли и реши! [Bulgarian! What are you going to be fighting for? For this Bulgaria? Or for this? ... Think and decide!]



An rare WWII propaganda flyer in Bulgarian and partly German language, made by the Wehrmacht and showcasing Large and Small Bulgaria, was distributed as legitimate pass for the Bulgarians to join the German army. 

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A rare propaganda flyer in Bulgarian language showing maps of a Large and Small Bulgaria was distributed among Bulgarians by the Germans during WWII.

The text calls Bulgarians to join the German army, which will help them protecting large borders of their country after the war. On the other hand, should they fight against Germans, Bulgaria is doomed to shrink to the smallest possible size.

The text on the back, written in German and Bulgarian, explains that each person can defect to the German army by giving a next German Officer this leaflet.

The survival rate of such leaflets is extremely rare, as most of them were destroyed after WWII.

We could not trace any other examples of this flyer.  

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