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BULGARIAN LITERATURE / SERBO-BULGARIAN RELATIONS: Le chauvinisme serbe [The Serbian Chauvinism]


A pamphlet in French language was written by one of the Bulgarian leading literary experts to show the superiority of the Bulgarian over Serbs, through their literature, during WWI, when the neighboring Bulgaria and Serbia were fighting on opposite sides. 

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The pamphlet written by a Bulgarian author Boân Penev during WWI tries to undermine the Serbian achievements in the literature and show the superiority of the Bulgarians.  

The author Boân Nikolov Penev (Боян Николов Пенев 1882-1927) was a Bulgarian professor of literature at the Sofia University and one of the more visible representatives of the Bulgarian National Revival. He is one of the most prominent Bulgarian literary historians and critics of the beginning of the 20th century, and an early Bulgarian Esperantist.  

The second edition was published circa 1919 in Lausanne.

References: OCLC 909860087.

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