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BULGARIAN PRINTING IN ISTANBUL: Общiй религiозенъ филозофскiй прегледъ вѫрху истиность-тѫ на христiанска-та религия [General Religious Philosophical Review of the Truthfulness of the Christian Religion] Istanbul


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This is a rare religious text in Bulgarian language, printed in Istanbul. 

The author Avercius (Averkije) Petrovic (ca 1815-1878) was a Bulgarian author, translator from Bulgarian and Serbian and scholar, who worked in Gabrovo (1839-1845), Sopot (1849-1850, 1857), Vidin (1857), Belgrade, Dresden and Istanbul. In 1873 he was appointed the metropolitan of Vratsa in Bulgaria.  

He spent his last years working in Istanbul, where this book was published.

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