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BULGARIAN PUBLICATION IN ISTANBUL: История блъгарска [Bulgaian History]


A rare, important history book in Bulgarian language, written by a prominent Bulgarian diplomat,  was printed in Istanbul by a Macedonian Press


8°, [2] title page, XXI, 616 pp., [4 pp.] errata, newer marbled wrappers (uncut example, partly unbound title page with missing upper white corner, some pages lightly stained, old dried moist stains between pages 180-200, otherwise in a good condition). The first and the only published volume.

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A rare book on the Bulgarian history was published in Istanbul by the Macedonian Press in Bulgarian language and script. The introduction on the back side of the title page is written in the Ottoman script.

The author Gawril Krastewitsch (Гаврил Кръстевич, 1817-1898) was a lawyer, Bulgarian diplomat in the Ottoman Empire, the last Governor General of Eastern Rumelia in 1884-1885 and a fighter for the independence of the Bulgarian Church in the Ottoman Empire. Krastewitsch was also known as an active publisher, editor, translator, historian and author of Bulgarian books in Istanbul.

A reprint of this important work was published in Sofia from 2016 on (OCLC 962401905).

References: OCLC 1012624021, 651991441.

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