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Canadian Map of the USSR (CCCP): News Fact Map of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.



An uncommon Canadian news map of the USSR, with a marked project of the Central Siberian Sea –  a supposedly planned large sea in the middle of the Russia.

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A large rare map, printed around 1956 in Toronto shows the electric power industry and railways n the USSR, with marked railways, dams and canals. Marked are also large dams and canals, which were to be completed by 1957. In the lower part 16 picturured of pretty girls and happy farmers, show the “Typical Citisens of the 16 Soviet Republics”.  

According to the map huge canals and dams were planned to be built in the central part of Russia, which were going to connect major rivers, but at the same time flood a large part of the country, including major cities as Tobolsk and Omsk, and form a new sea called “Central Siberian Sea”. This new water structure was supposed to be as large as the Caspian Sea.  

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