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CENTRAL AFRICA: [Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda]


A map from Umûm Vilayât-ı Şâhâneyi Hâvi Küçük Atlas – Umûmî Küçük Atlas (General Small Atlas)


Chromolithograph. 9 x 13,5 cm (3.5 x 5.3 inches).

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A decorative miniature map of Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda.

This rare atlas included a 32-page brochure in Ottoman script and 128 maps (some composed of two parts), printed on thick paper and loosely inserted after the text. Many of the maps of certain areas worldwide are the first and possible only Ottoman maps of those regions.

The atlas appears to be very rare and Worldcat only lists one example (Boğaziçi University Library, Istanbul).

Our maps come from an incomplete example and are offered separately.

References: OCLC 949501827 ; ÖZEGE; 25533.4

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