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The story was written by a female Croatian writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić (1874 – 1938), known for her fruitful career as a writer of children’s books. This is the first separately published edition of the text, which was originally issued in a book Priče iz davnine (Croatian Tales of Long Ago) in 1916. The book was published in many reprints and was translated to Swedish, Czech, Danish, Slovenian, English German etc.

This is a Slovenian translation, which was printed parallelly with the Croatian, by the Ljubljana-based publishing house Mladinska knjiga, which was known for its high printing quality and was often printing books for the whole Yugoslav market. The Croatian version was made in cooperation with the publishing house Mladost from Zagreb.

The beautiful illustrations in oriental style were made by a Croatian academic painter Cvijeta Job (1924-1913), a known artist, miniaturist and illustrator, and a daughter of a Dalmatian modernist painter Ignjat Job (1895 – 1936).

An illustration, made for this book, was used on a Croatian postal stamp in 1965.

The book is in a near mint condition and comes from a de-accessioned archive of the publisher.

References: OCLC 61045295 & 437638007.

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