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CHILDREN’S LITERATURE / TITO / YUGOSLAVIA: Ciciban čita [Ciciban is Reading].


12°. 32 pp. with black and white illustrations, original wrappers with lettering, stapled (in a good condition).

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A charming pamphlet with short stories and poems for children in Slovenian language was published in the year of the liberation, in 1945, as a reading manual for children. In includes various short stories and poems in different scripts.

The pamphlet is dedicated to Josip Bros Tito and includes a glorifying text on Stalin and a report of a child, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp during the war.

This 1945 edition was the only try to revive a popular pre-war series with the same title. In the same year it was replaced by a didactic magazine for children Ciciban, which is still being published today.

Ciciban is a Slovenian synonym for a curious toddler, first used in a collection of poems for children by a beloved writer Otona Župančič in 1915.

We could not find any examples outside Slovenian institutions.

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