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China / International Relations: چينه سياحت [Çin’e Seyahat / Travel to China]



Long 8°, 38 pp., later brown cloth boards with gilt lettering (pp. 28 and 29. bound tightly with tiny glue marks in the text, last pages with trimmed white margins, old hand-written price in the inner side of the rear board, otherwise in a good condition).

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A book in Ottoman language is a translation of the text on China by an American diplomat William Woodville Rockhill (1854 –1914).

The translation was originally published in a literary and intellectual magazine Servet-i Fünun or Wealth of Knowledge. The publisher, author, editor and translator Ahmet İhsan Tokgöz (1868 – 1942) was probably one of the most influential figures of the literature of the late Ottoman Empire, connecting the influences from the West with Ottoman tradition. He was leading the magazine from its foundation in 1888 until his death.

The İhsan’s translation of the stories and reports on foreign countries contributed immensely to the perception of the contemporary outside world in the late Ottoman Empire.

We could find two institutional examples on Worldcat (Boğaziçi University Library, University of Chicago Library).

References: Özege BDK – ÖZEGE; 3366. OCLC 879557856, 949548459.

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