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China / Travelouge / Hitayname: ترجمه تاريخ نوارى جين ماجين


[Tercüme-i Tarih-i Nevâdir-i Çin-i Maçin / Translation of the Stories of History of China and the Greater China]


8°, 70 pp. lithograph, first two pages with gilt margins, later blue cloth boards with brown cloth spine, grey printed endpapers (minor staining overall in a good condition).


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This is the first printed edition of an detailed travelogue to China in Ottoman language. It is lithographed in fine smooth paper and the first two pages are decorated with gilt lithograph in attractive forms of chinoiseries.

Described are the borders, settlements, administration, traditions, religions, cities, postal system, army organization, monuments, imperial palaces, official holidays, agriculture and gardening, art, science, laws, money, painting collections, printing, education, the situation of Islam in China, relations with the Western world, Tibetans, history etc.

The travel was made in the years 1506-1508 by a merchant Ali Akbar, who upon his return wrote a travelogue in Persian language, known under the name Hitayname (خطاي نامه), what could vaguely translate in Travelogue to China.

The work was originally written in Persian and presented in 1515 or 1516 to sultan Selim I and after his death to Suleyman the Great. the first Ottoman translation was made at an unknown date and was titled Hıtâ ve Hotan ve Çin ve Mâçîn mülûklerinin kānûnnâmesi ( It was translated into Ottoman in or just before 1853, when it was first published in a printed version in this book.

Worldcat lists 7 examples (Cornell University Library, Boğaziçi University Library,  McGill University Library, Library of Congress, Universitätsbibliothek München, Orient-Institut Istanbul, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Library).

References: OCLC 1014872612, 635150145, 61541237, 15010217.

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