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Landinge en inhalinge van de Pretendent tot Peterhead…, De vugt van de Pretendent gaande tot Montros…, De Rievier de Swynsond in Noorweegen…, Het Kraambed van de Kyserin die op den 13. April 1716…, Zee battaille tussen de Deense en de Sweedse schepen, by de rivier de Swynsond…

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An uncommon broadside, printed in red, represents the events, which happened in 1716.

The nine images and maps on the broadside showcase the following events:


1. James Francis Stuart landing at Peterhead, 2 January 1716

(Landinge en inhalinge van de Pretendet tot PETER / HEAD)


2. James Francis Edward Stuart (the Old Pretender; formerly James, Prince of Wales) sils for France from Montrose, Scotland, during the Jacobite Rebellion

(De vlugt van de Pretendent gaande tot Montros in Schotland scheep, om naa Vrankryk te varen, gaande…)


3. The theatre of War in Norway around the city Fredriksten during the Great Northern War

(De Rievier de Swynsond in Noorweegen, en de daar…)


4. The birth of Leopold Johann of Austria, the only son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI

(Het kraambed van de Kyserin die op. den 13 April 1716… Leopold Joseph Carel…)


5. See battle between the Danish and Swedish army off coast of Fredriksten

(Zee battaille tußen de Deense en de Sweedse schepen by de rivier de Swynsond in Noorweegen).


6. The battle of Slankamen in Serbia

(Roemruchtge victoire door de Kyserlyke Troupe… by Semlin en Slanac-Kemen)


7. Te siege of Corfu by the Ottoman army

Her Eylant Corfu in de Middelandse Zee door de Turken…


8. The battle of Timișoara (Temeschwar) in Romania

(Den 12 October 1716 bemagtigt den Prins Eugenius van Savoyen de sterke Stadt Temeswar…)


9. Pančevo, Serbia, is conquered by Claude Florimond de Mercy

(Den Turken Pascia geest Banzova, over… den 8. Nov 1716)


The survival rate of such broadsides is exceedingly low, as the images were meant to be cut on the lines (each image bears its own imprint). Many broadsides were also cut in the past decades by the map and print dealers and the images were sold separately.  


Petrus Schenck (Peter Schenk, 1660 – 1711) was a German engraver and cartographer active in Amsterdam and Leipzig. He was born in Elberfeld, Germany and moved to Amsterdam in 1675, where he became a student of Gerard Valck specializing in mezzotint. In 1687 he married Valck’s sister Agatha Valck. Until 1700 Schenk lived in the Jordaan, when he moved to Dam Square and then to Leipzig, where he died in 1711.

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