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COMMUNIST MANIFESTO: Комунистички манифест



[Manifest des Kommunistischen Partei / Communist Manifesto]


A Serbian translation of the Communist Manifesto, printed by the Yugoslav partisans days before the end of WWII


8°: 64 pp., [4 pp.] blank, original tan wrappers with lettering (minor traces of use, old signature on the title page, but overall in a good condition).



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This is a Serbian translation of the Communist Manifesto by Moša Pijade (1890 – 1957), a Yugoslav communist, politician and Josip Broz-Tito’s close friend. Pijade also translated the introductions to previous translations in other languages, to help the reader understand the importance of the work.

For this version Pijade was using as a source the complete works of Marx and Engels in German, published in 1932, and the Manifesto, issued in German language in Moscow, in 1941.

This Serbian edition was published contemporary with the Croatian one on May 5th, 1945, on the territory of liberated Belgrade only days before the end of WWII.

Pijade, an artist, art critic and author, was born in Belgrade and was of Sephardic Jewish parentage. He joined the Communist party in the 1920s, in which he was active as a writer for the newspapers and magazines. After translating Das Kapital in 1924, Pijade was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison because of his ‘revolutionary activities’, a sentence, which he served for 14 years.

In the prison Moša Pijade befriended Josip Broz-Tito, the later president of Yugoslavia, who was also imprisoned for his illegal communist activities, and the two men became good friends.

During WWII, Pijade became one of the leaders of Tito’s partisans and after the war the President of the Yugoslavian Parliament between 1954 and 1955. In 1948, Pijade convinced Tito to allow the Yugoslav Jews to immigrate to Israel.

We could not find any institutional examples on Woldcat. It is possible though, that the title is listed under the Croatian version in Latin script.

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