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CRETAN STATE: Die Insel Candia oder Creta : (Kriti im Neugriech., Kirid im Türk.) ; Kriegsschauplatz ; Reduction der vom Hydrographic Office in London 1862 publicirten, 1852 durch Spratt aufgenommenen Karte in 2 Blatt (in Maßstab 1:146.000).



An uncommon separately published map of the island of Crete, shows the theatre of war of 1897, which lead to the establishment of the Cretan state a year later.

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This detailed separately published map of Crete shows the theatre of war of 1897. The ports marked with a red flag are sieged by the Greeks and the ports marked with a round red flag by foreign armies.

In 1897, the year this map was made, the Ottoman Empire declared war on Greece, which led the Great Powers, being Britain, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary and Russia, to intervene and declare war on the Ottoman Empire.

The island of Crete, an Ottoman possession since the end of the Cretan War, became a theater of war between the countries, until it was pronounced the State of Crete a year later. It was annexed to the Kingdom of Greece in 1913.

The draft of the map is based upon a two sheet map of Crete by an English hydrographer, geologist and vice-admiral Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt (1881-1888),

We could only trace four examples in libraries worldwide.


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