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CROATIA, INDEPENDENT STATE: “Bayer”ova karta nezavisne Države Hrvatske [Bayer Map of the Independent State of Croatia].



A larger school schedule with a map of the Independent State of Croatia was printed during WWII, in 1942.

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A large school schedule with a map of Independent State of Croatia, image of Zagreb and Dubrovnik on one side and images of a Bosnian, continental Croatian and Dalmatian city verso, was made during WWII by a pharmaceutical firm Bayer.

The state, which includes Bosnia and parts of Serbia and Slovenia, is surrounded by Germany, Italy, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. The precise lines of these neighbouring countries are blurred.

The map was made in 1942, during WWII, before the capitulation of Italy.

Such maps are rare, as they would be destroyed under the Yugoslavian regime after WWII.  


Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH).  

Following the Axis invasion of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941, by the agreement of Italy and Germany, their Croatian fascist allies, the Ustaše, under the leadership of Ante Pavelić, were permitted to form a state that comprised much of Croatia, all of Bosnia, parts of Serbia and a sliver of Slovenia.  While nominally ‘independent’, the NDH was, in reality, a puppet state of Italy and Germany, largely defended by the Wehrmacht.


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