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A beautifully designed book with a lyrical story in six acts in Croatian language, was drafted by an architect, composer and a later director of the Zagreb Philharmonic Hall Ivo Tijardović.

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A Croatian poem Bijedna Mara by Luka Botić (1830 – 1863), first published in 1861, was issued in Zagreb, Prague and Vienna in 1921 with a highly decorative design by Ivo Tijardović (1895 –1976). Six chapters are divided by a full-page red vignettes and each paragraph starts with a rubricated initial.

Ivo Tijardović (1895 –1976), born in Split, Dalmatia, studied architecture and music in Vienna. Upon his return to Croatia he became a conductor and stage designer at the Split Municipal Theatre between 1922 and 1929, when he the music department of the Edison Bell Penkala recording company in Zagreb, where he worked until 1933. Until WWI he was appointed a director of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, and director of the State Symphony Orchestra. He was also active as a composer. Tijardović’es most famous works are operettas Mala Floramye (Little Floramye) and Splitski Akvarel (The Split Aquarelle), bot set in his native Split. During WWII he joined the underground movement of Tito’s Partisans. Ivo Tijardović won a Vladimir Nazor award for his live achievements.

References: OCLC: 320052950.

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