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A rare pioneering work on the Croatian contemporary art, printmaking and theatre scenography glorifying the artist Tomislav Krizman as the leading artist of the South Slavs on the eve of the birth of Yugoslavia. With a beautiful expressionist cover by a Dalmatian artist Jerolim Miše.

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8°. 55 pp. with black and white illustrations, original card wrappers with illustrated title (light water staining in upper white margin of some pages, minor foxing, wrappers slightly stained and with minor surface scratches on the back, otherwise a good, partly uncut example).

An early illustrated pamphlet on Croatian contemporary art, is a pioneering work, made on the eve of the birth of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, when art critics and historians were looking for foundations for a future identity and development of the national art. Presented is the artist Tomislav Krizman (1882–1955), mostly with his graphics, theater design and illustrations. The text is enriched with 33 illustrations of Krizman’s work. 

The art historian Kosta Strajnić introduces the reader to the critical contemporary situation of the South Slavic nations, which amid WWI were creating a new political and cultural formation, with numberless different historical and cultural backgrounds. Strajnić, eager for an identifiable contemporary art on the level of other mid-European counties, confesses, that the South Slavic people do not have a notable tradition of contemporary art and only about thirty artists in what will become Yugoslavia reach the “European aesthetic criterium”.  

Kosta Strajnić choses Tomislav Krizman (1882–1955), as the artist, who broke from the ranks of the other South Slavic artists. In the pamphlet Strajnić introduces Krizman as an artist on the European level of quality, mostly as a graphic, stage designer and illustrator, comparing his to what Ivan Meštrović is in the world of sculpture. Tomislav Krizman is today remembered mostly for his graphic art. 

Kosta Strajnić (1887 – 1977) was a pioneering Croatian art historian, active from the first years of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia on. He was schooled as a painter in Vienna and until the late 1920s, travelled Europe and lived in Prague, Paris, Warsaw and Krakow, after which he settled down in Dalmatia on the initiative of his friend Ivan Meštrović. Strajnić lived in Dalmatia until his death in Dubrovnik in 1977, where he started an initiative for preservation and conservation of numberless monuments, and for foundation of several institutions. He was also a lifelong supporter of Croatian contemporaryart.  

Kosta Strajnić is known as an author as one of the earliest monographs on Ivan Meštrović. 

A stunning early Croatian art cover design in a contemporary expressionist style was made by Jerolim Miše (1890–1970), a Dalmatian painter of landscapes and portraits.
We could find 6 institutional copies (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia; France Bevk Library, Nova Gorica, Slovenia; University of Wisconsin – Madison, General Library System; Bavarian State Library; Indiana University; National and University Library Zagreb). 
References: OCLC 9364376 & 218421413.

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