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CROATIAN LITERATURE – PARTISAN LITERATURE: Govori i članci [Speeches and Articles]



The book published immediately after WWII, gathers mostly pro-Tito and pro-Stalin speeches and articles by a popular Croatian author and Head of State Vladimir Nazor.

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The pamphlet, published by the Croatian government immediately after WWII, contains speeches and short articles, previously published by the underground press by Vladimir Nazor, a popular Croatian author who joined the partisans during the war and became first Croatian head of state. The text promotes contemporary Tito’s government and Soviet relations, and the photos showcase Tito, Stalin and Vladimir Nazor.

Vladimir Nazor (1876-1949) is one of the most known and productive Croatian writers, poets and translators of the 20th century. His first work was published in 1900.

The book was published immediately after WWII to promote the Partisan literature.

This is a rare first edition. The second, enlarged edition was published a year later.

The book would be banned in 1948, after the Tito – Stalin fallout, when all the pro-Stalin and pro-Soviet propaganda was severely punished.

Worldcat only lists two institutional examples (Ljubljana City Library and Institute for Modern History in Ljubljana).

References: OCLC 439192847.

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