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CROATIAN POST WWII ANTI-CHURCH AND ANTI-FASCIST PROPAGANDA: Koncert koljača u Vatikanu [The Concert of the Slaughters in Vatican].



A pencil drawing, showcasing the soldiers of the Croatian Fascist movement Ustasha producing music on parts of human bodies and with weapons, conducted by a Catholic archbishop, as the Pope, and the Fascist and Nazi leaders are watching in the first row, was made in the post war time in Croatia.

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This morbid drawing, made by a Croatian artist Predrag Purić in the years following WWII, showcases a music orchestra, composed of the Croatian WWII Fascist soldiers Ustasha, making music, by crashing human skulls, sowing off human limbs, and shooting in the air. The orchestra is conducted by a Catholic archbishop, probably Alojzije Stepinac (the Croatian archbishop during WWII, who was later tried for treason and collaboration), as the other servants of the Catholic church are standing grimly in the back. The first row is taken, among others, by the Pope, Hitler, Mussolini, who are enthusiastically clapping to the concert. 

The drawing was made in the post WWII years, probably in the early 1950s, when Yugoslavia was undergoing a fierce reaction on the WWII massive slaughters, mage by the Croatian Ustasha, who were supported by the Nazis and the Catholic church.

Predrag Purić (1930-2007) was a Croatian artist and illustrator. He graduated from the Art Academy in 1954 and specialised in painting under professor Antun Mezdjić (1907 – 1981) in 1956. Later he cooperated with Krsto Hegedušić (1901 – 1975) and the artistic group Mart. His art reflects the modern influences of Art informel, as well as motives from contemporary political situation in Yugoslavia and Socrealistic forms. Purić’s drawings and portraits were also published as book illustrations.

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