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CROATIAN PRINTING IN ARGENTINA: Republika Hrvatska. Republica Croata. [Republic Croatia]. No. 44 (1960), No. 104 (1976), No. 109 (1977), No. 130 (1981), No. 145 (1984).



5 issues of an uncommon Croatian Nationalistic magazine were printed in Croatian and Spanish language in Buenos Aires by post-WWII Croatian immigrants and sold mostly in North America, Australia and Germany.

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Five issues (of 223), all 8°. No. 44 (1960): 32 pp.; No. 104 (1976): 84 pp.; No. 109 (1977): 80 pp.; No. 130 (1981): 80 pp., No. 145 (1984): 80 pp. All with original illustrated wrappers, with printed inner sides (Very Good, no. 44 and 104 with slightly staining).

5 issues of the Croatian magazine Republika Hrvatska. Republica Croata were printed in Croatian and partly Spanish language in Buenos Aires by Croatian immigrants. Most of the articles refer to the Croatian organisation abroad, mostly in South America, to the international relations and to the contemporary Yugoslavian socialist government – the arch-nemesis of the post WWII Croatian émigrés in South America. The covers showcase Croatian nationalistic symbols, as well as the Independent State of Croatia, embracing today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina, and parts of modern-day Serbia and Slovenia. The Independent State of Croatia was a WWII puppet state of the Nazi Germany.

The magazine was published from 1951 until 2008, first in a larger format, which was later reduced to a pocket size. Between 1951 until no. 116 in 1978, the magazine was published every three months, from no. 117 to 137 every two months and then again every three months. From 2003 the magazine was only published once per year.

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