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CROATIAN UNDERGROUND COMMUNISM: Književne sveske [Literary volumes]



The one and only number of a rare illegal underground pro-Stalinistic magazine in Croatian language includes articles by the Bulgarian author and politician Todor Pavlov, as well as Milovan Đilas and Edvard Kardelj, who signed themselves with their nom de plume, as Communism was at the time forbidden in Yugoslavia. 

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An uncommon thick magazine, which was only issued in one number, was published in Zagreb by a pro-Stalinist Communist group of Yugoslavs and Bulgarians. It includes articles in Croatian language by seven authors.

The magazine was edited by Milovan Đilas and Edvard Kardelj, after WWII two of the main figures of the Yugoslavian politics, who here signed themselves with noms de plume Milo Nikolić and Josip Šestak, as the Communism in Yugoslavia was forbidden and the authors had to publish either abroad or under false names.

The only foreign author is a Bulgarian politician and a Marxist philosopher Todor Pavlov (1890 – 1977). Before WWII Todor was employed at the Institute of Red Professors of the All-Union Communist Party in Moscow. Bulgaria and Yugoslavia had tight relations before WWII, when for a while there were speculations Bulgaria would join Yugoslavia in a great panslavic country.

The warm relations between the countries with similar culture and languages continued after WWII, until 1948, when Tito and Staling had a massive fall-out and Yugoslavia broke contacts with all the Communist countries of the Eastern Europe.

The magazine was published in the time of inner tensions in the left-wing party before WWII as a reaction on publications by a group of influential Croatian Communists, which started doubting the Stalin’s harsh politics. The anti-Stalinist group included influential people like the Croatian writer Miroslav Krleža (1893 –1981), who is the main figure attacked in the articles of this publications and who was at the time under party’s boycott.  

Only two copies are known in libraries wordwide (Ljubljana City Library, OCLC 938484189, and Universitätsbibliothek Würzburg, OCLC 632828722).

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