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CZECHOSLOVAK LEGION – ITALY – CZECH AVANT-GARDE – WWI. Oběti. Památce Československých legionářů v Italii popravených Rakousko-Uherskem. [Victims. Memorial of Czechoslovak Legionnaires in Italy executed by Austria-Hungary].



A book in Czech language with a modern avant-garde cover, published in 1921, commemorates the victims of the Czechoslovakian Legion, who fought on the side of Italians during WWI to gain the independent Czech and Slovak country. 

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12°, 53 pp., [1], [16] black and white illustrations, pp. 57-58, [3], inserted original advertisement 8°, [2], original tan wrappers with a linocut cover, unbound as originally published (Very Good, some words lightly underlined with pencil, some pages with tiny tears in margins, last pages uncut on the top).

A book in Czech language with a modern cover was written after WWI and commemorates the soldiers of the Czechoslovak legion in Italy, who were executed by the Austro-Hungarians. The text includes reports on the events, 33 portraits of executed soldiers, images of landscapes and of executions.  

The Czechoslovak Italian Legion was a legion of circa 25.000 Czech and Slovak volunteers, who fought on the Italian side against Austro-Hungary hoping to get their own independent country after the fall of Austro-Hungary. The punishment by the Austrians for the captured Slovak and Czech prisoners would be severe, to set the example to other soldiers, who decided to fight against their official country.  

The cover was designed by Bohumil Přikryl (1893 – 1965), a Czech architect and publisher. He studied architecture at the Czech Technical University and joined the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia during WWI. Upon his return to Prague in 1919 he became one of the founders of the Association of the Czechoslovakian Legionaries and worked actively as a publisher. During WWII Přikryl was imprisoned in a concentration camp and continued working as a publisher after the war.  

The publishing house Čin [Deed] was specialized in publications of the Association of the Czechoslovak Legionaries from the Italian and Russian theatres of war. 
This is a first edition. The second edition was published a year later, in 1922. We could find 8 institutional copies of the first edition. 

References: OCLC 46827280.

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