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DALMATIA - BROADSIDE: Gl' Illustrissimi & Eccellentissimi Signori Proveditori Sopra Feudi... Prisvytla i Pryuzuzscena Gospoda Provigiavzi Svarhu Aggaluka...



An exceedingly rare broadside with new regulations for Dalmatia, in Italian and Croatian language, printed in Venice.

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This large format broadside, printed in Venice, by the official ducal printer, lists new regulations for the Venetian province of Dalmatia of mit 1750s to 1761. The left side in printed in Italian language and the right in Croatian, in Dalmatian dialect. Dalmatia, today a part of Croatia and a famous tourist destination, was a part of Venetian Republic until 1797.

Listed are the new regulations for land, agriculture etc., made under the local governors or provveditori, appointed by the Venetian state. Provveditori, which literary means supervisors, were usually local noblemen, appointed by the Venetian state, to govern provincial territories for a couple of years. In the Croatian text on the left a word Aggaluka or Agsluukaa is used. Mentioned is the local governor Francesco Borelli (1704-1762) from a noble family of Borelli di Vrana, named after a place on the island of Cres.

The Croatian language on the right is written phonetically in a local dialect.


We could not trace any examples of this broadside in institutions worldwide.

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