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DALMATIA, Croatia: Lighthouse Grebeni, Dubrovnik


A beautifully painted view of the lighthouse Grebeni off of the coast of Dubrovnik was painted by a Slovenian-born Anton Perko, a Royal Marine Draftsman to the Habsburg court.

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A decorative drawing by Anton Perko shows a lighthouse on the island Grebeni off of the coast of Drubrovnik. The lighthouse is today a hotel.

Anton Perko (1833, Vransko – 1905, Dubrovnik) was born in a minor noble family in Vransko in Austria-Hungary (today in Slovenia). In 1863 he entered the Austrian Military Navy as a navy officer. A talented amateur artist he took painting lessions in Vienna at Joseph Selleny, an Austrian landscape painter an illustrator, und Jean-Baptiste Henri Durand-Brager, a French artist, noted for his marine scenes and Orientalist works.

Perko gained his fame as an official navy draftsman at the battle of Vis (Lissa), which took place on Juli 20th, 1866. The lithographs based upon his drafts were published in an a publication Lissa Album: 1866.

In 1975, Anton Perko accompanied Emperor Franz Joseph I on his trip to Dalmatia, after which we received an official title of the Royal Marine draftsman. Between 1879-1887 he was a regular travel companion of Prince Rudolph I, and after his death of his widow Stephanie of Belgium.  

In the mid 1890s he worked for some years at Hradčany in Prague and in 1896 he finally moved to Dubrovnik, where he spent until his death in 1905 painting the city and the surroundings.

Perko’s work is known for his light colour, clear lines and documentary preciseness, which he learned as a military draftsman.  

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