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DATA VISUALISATION: Nr. 226 (6. Nummer 1919). Die Ueberlegenheit der Entente im Weltkrieg [The superiority of the Entente in World War I]


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A separately issued broadside with charts compares the economy of the Allied Powers with the Central Powers during WWI, in 1913. Compared are the populations, land used in agriculture, immigration, crops of corn, rye, wheat, potatoes, production of sugar, import and export etc.

The broadside was issued is a series of informative prints by Krigshilfe München Nordwest, a Munich-based organisation for help in the times of the war. The maps were published weekly in the series called Wöchentliche Kriegsschauplatzkarte (Weekly Theatre of War Maps), mostly reporting on the progress of the war. This map is numbered with 226 and was the sixth one to be published in 1919.

The text and a map on the back give further information on the economy, import an export of the countries.

The map was published only months after the end of WWI and less than a month after the German Federal elections on January 19, 1919.

The printing house Kunstanstalt Graphia in Munich was specialised in production of colourful posters and advertisements.

The map is printed on a thinner paper, usually used for the newspapers and the survival rate of such maps is low.

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