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DATA VISUALISATION – RAILWAYS: ممالك مختلفه شمندوفرلر ينك طوللرى [Lengths of the Railroads of Different Countries].


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An attractive small lithograph in Ottoman language represents the lengths of the railways in various countries, starting with Luxemburg and Serbia on the top and finishing with Germany, Russia and the United States. The numbers on the left-hand side above the red lines mark the years of the first railroads in the countries and the numbers after the lines the lengths.

The two charts in the upper right corner report the lengths of the railroads and telegraph cables in Europe, Asia, Afrika, Amerika and Australia.

The map was probably made shortly before or during WWI, as it mentions Austro-Hungary and Serbia, before joining in Yugoslavia with the other nations.

Our example comes from a privately assembled atlas, composed of maps from shorty before and from shortly after WWI.

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