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Daugavgrīva, LATVIA: Fort de Dunamund en Livonie…


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Uncommon small map with striking original colour shows the fortress Daugavgrīva, near Riga in Latvia. was an important fort on the mouth of the river Daugava on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

The De la Feuilles were Huguenots and in 1683 moved to Amsterdam, as part of the mass exodus of highly-skilled craftsmen and artisans, fleeing the anti-Protestant climate of Louis XIV’s France.  The arrival of the Huguenots breathed new life into the Dutch economy and saw Amsterdam become the leading centre in many niche trades.

The De la Feuilles made most of their living from small-sized maps, such as those features in the Atlas Portatif (1701) and the Tablets Guerrières (1706), which were easily affordable to the general public.  However, Jacob also produced a number of finely engraved folio-sized maps, which today all tend to be quite scarce, as they seem to have been produced on a limited issue ‘boutique’ basis.  These include, amongst others, a map of London (1690), Malta (1696) and the present map of the Danube.  He also compiled composite atlases, including both his own maps and other mapmakers’ works and, likewise, some of his maps were included in composite atlases compiled by others.  Upon his death, in 1719, the business was continued by Paul de la Feuille.

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