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DDR / GDR PROPAGANDA: Für den Sieg des Sozialismus. wichtige Bauvorhaben im Siebenjahrplan d.DDR 1959-1965.


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A smaller format map with a title For the Victory of Socialism – Important Building Projects in the Seven Year Plan in GDR 1959-1965, printed in the German Democratic Republic (GDR. DDR in German) in 1965, shows the alleged economy growth after the “seven year plan”.

Symbols marked with red on this map show newly built factories and transport connections. The braun symbols represent enlarged factories and blue symbls massive enlarged production. 

The seven year plan was introduced in the German Democratic Republic under the influence of similar plans in the USSR, which promised higher industrial production and construction of numberless housing projects. The project started in 1956 as the Second Five-Year Plan (1956–60) under the slogan “modernization, mechanization, and automation”.

In 1958–59 the government encouraged voluntary collectivization and 1959 some law-breaking farmers were arrested by the Stasi. By mid-1960, nearly 85% of all arable land was incorporated and by 1961 the socialist sector produced 90% of the GDR’s agricultural products. As the Five-Year-Plan did not meet the planned results, it was replaced by the Seven-Year-Plan (1959–65), which aimed at achieving West Germany’s per capita production by the end of 1961. As a result of the pressure from the state 2.5 million citizens between emigrated from GDR 1949 and 1961, of which 50% were younger than 25 years.

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