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Demonic Typography / Satans & Demons: Satanas



An unusual series of drawings in different styles, depicting Satan and demons in various forms from the traditional 666 and the pentagon through monograms to Hitler and Stalin


8°: [68 pp.] with 35 drawings in colour, recto only, art nouveau black calf with debossed decoration and a clasp, later gilt decoration and manuscript title, art nouveau patterned end papers (minor war to the binding, otherwise in a good condition).


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A unique collection of high-quality drawings embraces the author’s numerous interpretations of Satan and the demons. They vary from classic forms such as pentagon and 666 to more elaborate monograms, based on various types, retro styles and decorative compositions, and combine several techniques, from more traditional drawings in dark brown ink, to art deco forms, and vividly coloured modern images, ornated with metallic colours.

The images include among others Buer in a shape of a pentagon, Behemoth, based on the Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, from 1863, a modern version of the demon Ipès, based on the same work, Moloch (Molech, Molek) in bright red and gold colours, Hitler and Stalin as modern age demons, and various other dark spirits represented trough monograms and highly decorative forms.

The images are painted in an art nouveau album, but could be, despite their deceiving art deco forms, be dated in the second half of the 20th century due to the forms of some of the images and colouring.

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