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Der Neue Orient. [The New Orient].



A very rare magazine, published by young Christian German men in Aleppo, Syria, on the eve of WWI. Probably the first and only number. 

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This unusual magazine, written in German, was published in Aleppo, Syria, by young German missionaries. The articles, accompanied by photos and maps, give information on the life and missions in Aleppo, Baghdad, Armenia, Turkey etc. The cover shows the house of the publishers (German Missionaries) in Aleppo. 

This is probably the first (according to the first paragraphs of the first article) and last edition of the magazine, published just before the start of WWI.

The magazine does not name the place or date of printing, but was, according to the text and advertisements, issued in 1914 in Aleppo, Syria. From 1917, during WWI,  the magazine seems to be published in Berlin (OCLC 11808186). 

We could only trace one example of the magazine in one institution worldwide (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Leipzig / Frankfurt am Main 
Leipzig / Frankfurt am Main). 

References: OCLC 84812885.

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