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DP CAMP PRINTING – SCHOOL BOOK – SLAVIC PRINTING: Zemljepis Slovenije in Jugoslavije za 8. gim. raz. [Geography of Slovenia and Yugoslavia for the 8th Class of Gymnasiums].



A rare school book of geography, printed in Slovenian language, in a DP camp in Spittal, Austria, by the refugees from Slovenia two years after WWII. 

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This extremely rare school book on Geography, was published by the Slovenian refugees two year after WWII in the DP camp of Spittal in Carinthia in Austria.

The book includes contemporary geography and political situation in Yugoslavia and Slovenia. The mimeographed map shows the railroad connections between Carinthia, Styria, Trieste, Istria, Karlovac and Zagreb. 

The DP camp near the town Spittal, in Carinthia, Austria, was founded by the British in the summer of 1945. The barracks, built by the German POWs, were meant to house the refugees and exiles from Yugoslavia, mostly from Slovenia.

Most of the adult people in the camp were escaping the newly founded Yugoslavia as political or religious refugees or as WWII collaborators avoiding the prison or death penalty in their homeland. In the next years they were moved overseas, mainly to Argentina, and also to Canada, United States and other countries.

There were about 5000 persons living in the camp, among them approximately 800 school children. The camp school was first organised in German language only. After about a year the learning language changed to Slovenian and Hungarian. German was taught only in a class in a normal school in the city Spittal, outside the camp. 

The author of the book is not known, but the text could possibly be attributed to Janez Sever, a teacher in the Spittal secondary school for refugee children.

Very rare. We could only trace one example in institutions worldwide (School Museum, Ljubljana). 

References: OCLC 449726056.

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