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ECONOMICAL-STATISTICAL MAP: Industriekarte des Handelskammerbezirks Chemnitz [Map of the Industry of the District Chamber of Commerce Chemnitz]


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A large economical-statistical map shows the branches and development of the industry in the Chemnitz district in Germany in 1924. The number of the squares indicates the number of the factories and the colours different branches of the industry, such as production of food, tobacco, wood, mines etc.

The map was published as an appendix to an address book of the industry by the Chemnitz Chamber of Commerce, written by the Secretary Chamber Dr. Paul Leonhard Heubner, who was an author of several works on the industry in Leipzig and Chemnitz from the beginning of the 20th century on.

We could only find one example in libraries worldwide an no other examples on the market (Berlin State Library, OCLC 250093665).

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