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EGYPT, SUEZ CANAL, SINAI: مصر سفرى [Mısır seferi / Egypt Travel]. …تايمس)ك تاريخ حربندن ترجمه اولنمشدر) ] (Tayms)ın Tarih-i harb’inden tercüme olunmuştur… / Translated from the history of …]





A rare pamphlet and map in Ottoman language showcasing the Sinai Campaign of 195 and 1916, was published by a government press in Istanbul.


The map shows the north side of the Sinai Peninsula, with the Suez Canal on the left and the border on the right. Different lines mark the routes of the attacks of the German-led Ottoman army, during the so called Sinai Campaign in WWI, when from the beginning of 1915 the Ottoman force invaded the Sinai Peninsula, then part of the British Protectorate of Egypt, to unsuccessfully raid the Suez Canal.

The attached pamphlet, issued in 1916, in Ottoman Turkish explains the events in the first two years of the Sinai Campaign.

The pamphlet with the folding map was issued by the government press Matbaa-i Amire in Istanbul.


Darüttıbaa – Matbaa-i Amire Printing Press

The first press in the Muslim world, called Darüttıbaa, was founded in Istanbul by İbrahim Müteferrika in 1727, with a permission of Sultan Ahmet III. It was located in Müteferrika’s house. The first book was published in 1729 and until 1742 sixteen other works followed.

After Müteferrika’s death the press was supressed for printing, as printed books were considered dangerous.

In 1796 the press was purchased by the government and moved to Üsküdar in Istanbul, and in 1831 finally to Beyazit, where it was renamed to Matbaa-i Amire in 1866.

The press was closed in 1901 and was reopened in 1908 under the name Millî. In 1927 the name changed to State Printing House. The press still exists and is known for publishing school and educational books.


The pamphlet with the map is very rare. We could only find one example in libraries worldwide (University of Michigan, OCLC 945473593).

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