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ELBE RIVER – WATER ROUTE: Elbfahrt von Hamburg nach Cuxhaven.


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This decorative long chromolithographed prints shows the water route on the river Elbe between Hamburg and Cuxhaven. Marked are different types of boats, signals, lighthouses and sightseeing attractions.

The map can be dated in the mid 1920s, before the Moldauhafen (Vltava port), a port of Hamburg, was acquired by Czechoslovakia  on a 99-year lease in 1929. The Russian flag depicted is the one of the Russian SFSR, used between 1918–1937.

The map was designed and lithographed by a lithographer, photographer and printer Carl Hinrich Griese (1857 – 1933), active in Hamburg, who was experimenting with photographic techniques. Among others he was also printing posters for the Hamburg ship company Hapag and maps for the Hamburg See Observatory.

This view of the Elbe was so popular, it was reprinted with small changes well in to the second half of the 20th century.


References: Anon., Carl Griese. Graphische Kunstanstalt. Fünfundsiebzig Jahre im Dienste des graphischen Gewerbes. Hamburg 1955

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